At 6am on July 4th, 2017, my father Gary Hackman woke up to go on an early morning motorcycle ride. Something he loved and did quite often. He kissed my mother and told her he'd be home later on around 4pm.
With a friend, Gary rode up to the Angeles National Forest, a ride he did 10 days prior. At 10am, he texted my mother "All's Well", this would be the last thing she ever heard from her husband. He went missing around 1pm. The Los Angeles Police department was contacted and notified of my father's disappearance.

After a long search, Montrose Search and Rescue volunteer, Steve Goldsworthy, found my father around 2am. He had lost control of his motorcycle and was found at the bottom of a ravine. Our family was completely devastated. He was only 61 years old.

After days of trying to make sense of it all, I decided to pen a song in honor of my father. Honestly, I was having the toughest time trying to express my feelings and love for this wonderful man who raised me and always encouraged and supported my music. I grew frustrated and stopped writing. I then decided to take a drive and clear my head...

After a while of driving and thinking about my father, this title "Beautiful Ride" popped into my mind. I felt my father's presence and it was then, I knew I wasn't suppose to write about him, but to write for him. This is what came to me almost instantaneously. The words my father Gary Hackman would have said to my mother Joyce ( who had been at his side for nearly 30 years), my sister Kelsey, my brothers Eric and Michael and myself... as well to his friends and family that knew him. Gary also leaves behind 4 wonderful grandchildren, Clara, Reagan, Riley, and Luke. He loved them with all his heart.

All sales from "Beautiful Ride" will go into a trust fund for his beloved grandchildren. My father was such a giving man, and continues to do so through his passing.

Until we meet again. I love you, Dad. This song is you.

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